What we do

At viaEd, we're focused on the needs of grant giving foundations working in child development and education. Education and child development are exceptional ways of enhancing life outcomes and strengthening society.

Our clients usually work internationally and often have a focus on marginalised children and their families. Our team is small and nimble, but we frequently work with other experts in the sector to tackle larger projects. To limit any conflict of interest we do not accept assignments from NGOs that primarily operate by fundraising from foundations.

We enable grant giving foundations to increase their impact in four main ways:

Strategy and research

Create and sharpen impactful portfolio and programme strategies. Conduct research and analyse data to crack tough challenges.

Funder collaboration

Create opportunities that allow foundations to achieve greater impact together, than could possibly be achieved alone.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Discover what is happening, what's being achieved, and what's being learned - in ways that drive constant programme refinement.

Partner learning and support

Support grantee partners to learn and build their potential for greater impact, both individually and collaboratively within a programme.